DEFYING GRAVITY A CAPPELLA. BY BOYS. By the Washington University Stereotypes. Just bought it on iTunes, and had to share. Fuck, I love this song.

… What is this eargasm i’m having?!

I reblogged me after two seconds

I definitely just had an orgasm. Holy FUCKING SHIT.



If/Then Songs Explained (From the point of view of Elizabeth or the person singing it)

  • What If?: I've fucked up before and now I'm gonna take a chance and whatever happens happens
  • It's a Sign: Believe in fate and good things will happen - EVERYTHING IS A SIGN
  • A Map of New York: Make this map with me and you can basically control all of Manhattan
  • You Never Know: You're rejecting me now but you barely know me and maybe I can be the best thing that will ever walk into your life
  • Ain't No Man Manhattan: Everyone connects to each other in some way even a hobo and a doctor and Manhattan is awesome so don't underestimate it
  • What the Fuck?: Maybe I shouldn't have slept with all of these guys because now I'm in big fucking trouble and I'm an emotional mess
  • Here I Go: I really like this guy but I'm too worried about our odds but fuck it I'm gonna be with him anyway cuz he's hot and amazing
  • You Don't Need to Love Me: I really love you but you don't have to love me back let's just be friends with benefits and use each other when we're desperate ok?
  • No More Wasted Time: I'm not gonna waste any time I'm a great city planner and and I'm gonna kick ASS!
  • Surprise: I'm getting old and a shitload of surprises are gonna happen like babies and weddings
  • This Day: I'm getting married today and I'm so fucking happy with my life. I screwed up before but thank god someone loves me even though I'm a pain in the ass.
  • Walking By A Wedding: I'm sad because I'm alone and so into my work but I'm watching someone get married wishing it were me
  • Hey Kid: Having a kid scares the crap out of me but maybe it won't be so bad
  • Some Other Me: In another life we could've been all of these things maybe we wouldn't even know each other
  • Best Worst Mistake: I love you and I want to take it to the next level but you're not realizing that and you need to stop being so afraid of being in a serious relationship with me
  • I Hate You: You're leaving me and I hate you so much but I only hate you because I love you and I don't want you to leave and I'm also fucking emotional about it
  • You Learn to Live Without: I have sadness in my life but I'm gonna deal with it and move on and be okay
  • The Moment Explodes: Unexpected shit is happening and it's opening up my mind to so much maybe I shouldn't take the people who are in my life for granted
  • Love While You Can: We have no reason to be apart because we love and care about each other so much
  • What Would You Do?: You can wish that things were different but that doesn't change what is already happening
  • Always Starting Over: I leapt and it led to loss so I'm gonna start my life over and take a risk again
  • What If?: I'm taking another chance and not over thinking my choices anymore.